Grace Timonium


Grace offers several classes throughout the year to help people thrive. These classes are grounded in biblical truths and can be very impactful regardless of where you are in your walk of faith. Browse the options below to find the class that is the right fit for you.

Starting Point

Starting Point is an 8-week gathering where your questions about God turn into a conversation about faith. In a Starting Point group, you can discuss your doubts and explore the trickiest topics of faith, free from pressure and judgment. The next session starts April 19. 


The SHAPE Workshop will help you uncover the ways God has specifically and intentionally designed you. This includes your (S) spiritual gifts, (H) heart passions, (A) abilities, (P) personal style, and your (E) life experiences. These are woven together to help you discover how God has wired you and already equipped you for a specific purpose in His Kingdom. Your purpose in attending may be to know and understand your spiritual gifts, to discover how you can best serve God’s Kingdom, or to re-affirm your current role. Spring 2020 Date: April 25 (Register by Mar. 29)


Grace has partnered with Sparrow Ministries to help couples thrive through the unfolding adventure of their marriage. From a Christ-centered perspective, we offer interactive workshops, couple-to-couple coaching, and helpful tools for strengthening marriages.

Financial Peace

Ever find yourself wondering if the Bible had actual instructions for personal finances? Whether you are struggling financially or want to be sure you are saving and investing wisely, Financial Peace University is the class for you. It presents biblical, practical steps to get from where you are to where you’ve dreamed you could be by empowering and teaching you how to make the right decisions with money.