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Baptism at Grace

At Grace, we love to celebrate lives changed by Christ. One of the ways we do that is through Baptisms. Baptism is a public expression of your faith in Christ. We baptize people today because Jesus told us that after a person has become His follower, they are to be baptized. Join us in celebrating everyone who is choosing to go “all in” by taking their next step through Baptism at Grace!

Join with us as we celebrate Baptism at Grace

No one is perfect—so when it comes to real life change, where do we start? The answer is with a new heart. Join us as we celebrate stories of life change through Baptism. If you are interested in getting baptized, please let us know below!

“Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” – Matthew 28:19

Questions About Baptisms

I was baptized before, should I be baptized again?

If you were baptized as a baby, child, or before you trusted in Christ, then yes, you should. If you were baptized as a believer elsewhere, you don’t have to be baptized again at Grace.

Do I need to have it all together before I'm baptized?

No—being baptized doesn’t mean you’re perfect. If you are trusting Christ for salvation, you’re ready to be baptized.

Does baptism forgive my sins?

No—trusting Jesus forgives your sins. Your Baptism is a public declaration of your decision to trust Jesus.

What do I need to do in order to be baptized at Grace?

Sign up online, write your story (a staff member or volunteer will be there to guide you if you need assistance), and then attend Baptism Prep Class.

How old should someone be before we baptize them?

GFC holds to the “age of reason” position regarding the appropriate age for baptism. This means that we will baptize anyone, regardless of age, so long as they are old enough to understand what they are doing. Regarding children younger than 12, we rely on the parents to attest to their child’s ability to understand the decision to believe in Jesus and be baptized.

Does Grace baptize infants?

No—Grace performs Child Dedications for children. If you’re interested in dedicating your child, please contact Vincenzo Leone at