Grace Timonium


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Welcome to Grace Fellowship Church’s online watch page! We understand that because of a variety of different circumstances, you might have missed watching a sermon on Sunday morning. We have set up this watch page so that you can access sermons from Grace whenever it’s convenient for you! This page gives you the chance to catch up on sermons that you would have otherwise missed. Another reason that you might access this page is because you want to listen to a sermon for a second! Maybe a sermon really stood out to you and significantly impacted your life. Now you can come back to it again and again. Additionally, you can send the link for this page to family and friends who don’t attend Grace!

Here at Grace, we utilize the sermon series structure. This means that we have groups of sermons that all go together and have a common message or theme. On this page, our previous sermon series are listed, and the recorded sermons are listed accordingly. Click on the sermon series you are interested in, and then find the specific sermon you would like to watch! We have included information for each sermon including the pastor who delivered it and the date it was given.

As long as you have access to the internet, you have access to worship and teaching from Grace Fellowship Church. We are so glad you are here, regardless of where you are or when you are accessing these sermons. We hope that you will utilize this resource not instead of, but in addition to joining us regularly on Sundays!

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