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Men, life is too hard to go it alone. You don’t need to!  In growing numbers, men are coming together to talk about their faith, their lives, their futures, and how they can have an impact on their spheres of influence. If you’re looking for laughter, honesty, enthusiasm, hope, or change, please attend a Grace Men event.

You will have a tremendous opportunity to build friendships, have some laughs, get at some real stuff, and connect your faith in your everyday life. Join us to go a step further in your life as a man.

Winter Session 2022

Questions from the Master Teacher

Have you ever looked at some people and wondered “What do they know about living that I don’t, because they sure seem to be enjoying it more”? Have you ever considered that some people have learned the art of practicing the things that make life better? There are certain repeated behavior (s), or habits, in life that simply makes things better. They align with the ancient understanding of “Wisdom” enabling a person to be more skilled at living. These repeated behaviors, sometimes called liturgies, mark all our lives whether consciously or unconsciously. During this 8-week Winter session, we will focus on 8 habits if practiced well will only make our lives better, as we get better at them. 

If you have a desire to grow personally as you connect with some other men who want to do the same thing, then this session is for you. The dates for the winter session of Ironmen are:

Monday – starts Jan 24th-Mar 14th  |  7:00 – 8:30 p.m. in the South Auditorium at GFC

Thursday – starts Jan 27th-Mar 17th  |  6:15 – 7:45 a.m. in the South Auditorium at GFC

In the event of bad Winter weather, we will not cancel that week instead we will meet via Zoom. Please reach out to your table leader for the Zoom link or email  Pat Goodman (Goodie)

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