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Grace Cares Serving opportunities

We are here to help your group, your family and you, make an impact for Christ in our community! There are many local non-profits that have volunteer opportunities and ways that you can participate on your terms. Once you complete a service project, register your participation, so we can measure our collective impact in our community and beyond.

First Fruits Farm

First Fruits Farm is all about sharing the good news about Jesus! They donate all the produce that is grown to the Maryland Foodbank and other non-profits. They also send food to natural disaster sites and areas that are in states of emergency. 

Youth with a Mission

This ministry is focused on serving the homeless in Baltimore City by providing showers, hygiene products, clothing, and food.

Catherines Family and Youth Services

This organization’s mission is to provide services and resources that help improve the quality of life for all the residents living in Northwest Baltimore City and the surrounding areas.

Somebody Cares Baltimore

An organization that connects people to opportunities to serve their community and connects organizations to work together. They mobilize people to demonstrate the love of Christ to others.

Bilingual Christian Church

The Bilingual Christian Church supports between 30-50 families weekly who are food insecure. Grace has partnered with them to provide weekly food donations.

Salaam Center

The Salaam Center helps refugee individuals and families who have a language barrier in Baltimore. They help people navigate transportation, BGE, and other day-to-day things that come with living in America.

Baltimore Hunger Project

Their mission is to fight weekend childhood hunger for students at local schools in Baltimore County and Baltimore City.

Baltimore County Public Schools

We want to continue to support local Elementary Schools and reach more families for Christ. 

Daniel Carl Torsch Foundation

The Daniel Carl Torsch Foundation is a community-based organization serving individuals and their families that are struggling with addiction, homelessness, food insecurity, mental health issues, and recovery support services.

Gallagher Services

Gallagher supports individuals with intellectual disabilities in Maryland. Their programs and services address both immediate needs and provide support and preparation for fostering independence and self-sufficiency.

The Exchangeree

This is a branch of the Educational Foundation of Baltimore County Public Schools, and they provide equitable access/distribution of educational supplies/resources to educators for students less fortunate in Baltimore County Public Schools.

Rest Day

Rest Day has become one of Grace’s largest outreach events, enabling parents of children with disabilities some time of rest. Their children enjoy an afternoon of fun, safe activities with our volunteers and trained staff.